How to Gain More Restaurant Reviews Online

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No matter what kind of restaurant you run, online reviews play a large part in improving your visibility and increasing your salesAbout 91 percent of consumers read them, and 84 percent trust them as much as personal recommendations.  

Amid the pandemic, customer feedback is particularly essential to your business’ survival. These reviews can convince people to order online or takeout. If you want to thrive, focus on getting more reviews through these tips. 

Add a review form onto your website

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One of the simplest things you can do to drive more reviews is by making it easier for consumers to write them, such as by adding a review form or widget on your website. This way, whenever existing customers visit your website, they can leave their feedback quickly and easily. Displaying reviews on your website can also help you convert prospects into actual paying customers. 

Sign up on review sites

Sign up to major restaurant review sites. Make sure to add accurate and up-to-date business information when you sign up to review sites. Add the restaurant’s name, address, cuisine type, and more. 

There are dozens of review sites out there, and some of the best review sites include Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Most people visiting these sites are already looking for good dining options in their area. 

Take note that you can register on multiple platforms; you don’t have to limit yourself to one review site. The more reviews sites you are on the more opportunities there are for your business to be seen by new customers. 

Engage customers on social media

Consumers will reach out to you often on social media, whether it’s to ask you about your business or to tag you in posts. If customers are interacting with you onlineask them to leave reviews about your business. 

You can also do social media campaigns to generate more reviews. For example, you can share the best reviews you’ve received recently. Then, you can link those reviews pages so your customers can talk about their personal experiences with your restaurant.  

Include physical request cards with the orders

Every time someone orders from your restaurant, you can slip in a card to remind your customers to write reviews. You should add the links to the web pages where people can leave their feedback. Make it easier for consumers to leave reviews by giving them several choices so that they can go on the platforms that they are most familiar or comfortable with. 

Just remember that online reviews aren’always favorable. Whether good or bad, you should respond to your customers in a polite and positive way, publicly or privately. This shows that you care about your customers and improving your business. 

Customer reviews aren’t just there to help people find you. You can monitor guest feedback to understand why they come back and why they don’t. 29dollarReviews helps streamline this process by managing all your reviews across several platforms and notifying you of new reviews in one place. Contact us now for better feedback management.