How Can Doctors Get Patients to Write Online Reviews?

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Believe it or not, doctors need reviews, too. You can stand out from a sea of exceptional physicians with the help of patient feedback—a lot of it 

Online reviews give potential clients insights on the quality of care and service you provide. This can help them make well-informed decisions about their healthcare needs. Through online reviewsyou can drive traffic, increase bookings, and grow your patient base. 

So, how do you accumulate patient reviews? Let’s find out below.  

How to Get Online Reviews from Patients

1. Ask patients for feedback.

Don’t be afraid to ask your patients to leave an online review. You can give them pamphlets or request cards after their appointments, directing them towards the sites where they can leave reviews. You may also send them requests via text or e-mail. Just make sure that these patients have agreed to communicate with you outside your consultation hours. 

Incentives are prohibited in major review sites such as Google and Yelp. However, policies may be looser on local niche review sites. No matter what you choose, you must always encourage patients to leave honest, transparent, and complete reviews. 

2. Share review site links online.

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Writing online reviews can take time and effort. You can make it easier for patients by sharing the links to your review sites on your social media channels.  

You can also place an image/button on your website that they can click on to bring them to your  preferred review site.  

How to get your business’ Google Review Link

3. Get listed on review sites.

Getting your practice listed on popular and niche review sites can significantly increase your visibility online. Some of the most widely used review sites for healthcare are Google, WebMD, Yelp, and Healthgrades. 

If you’re looking to boost your reviews, sign up for multiple sites. Just make sure to monitor and manage all your profiles. That entails responding to feedback, whether positive or negative. It also entails removing reviews that are bogus, violate HIPAA, and contain inappropriate language. 

There are review management tools that you can use to oversee multiple review sitesThese would allow you to see all the comments and ratings on different sites from a single dashboard. You’d also be able to respond to all of them from one dashboard. 

Collecting and Managing Patient Reviews

People want the best possible care they can affordIf you want to let them know that you have the knowledge and skill to provide them the care they deserve, work on accumulating honest patient reviews. At the end of the day, your expertise and care will matter most. Those five-star reviews will roll out even without your requests. 

If you need a platform for generating, monitoring, and managing reviews from your patients, check out 29dollarReviews. It’s an easy-to-use tool that enables you to efficiently collect and respond to patient feedback on different sites.